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17 September 2008 @ 07:26 pm
A List of...  
...Things to do when schooling has finished

• Go to a florist’s shop or garden centre. Sniff everything. Buy a little something and put it beside your bed and give it a name.

• Just go for lots walk of walks really late at night. Make yourself believe you are the only one left awake in the world.

• Go to the library or bookstore and spend the whole day reading a book you randomly picked up

• Spend days dedicated to cooking cakes, muffins and fudge. Then give them to the people you love

• Learn to meditate properly

• Buy a really good bar of chocolate. Put on some good soft music. Lie down with eyes closed and eat it slowly.

• Write letters to anybody and post them to random addresses

• Start each day with a pot of tea and some muesli, sit outside and spend half an hour in quiet contemplation

• Go skinny-dipping at midnight.

• Buy a typewriter

• Cut out pictures of Where’s Wally & paste them up in public (but slightly hidden) places.

• Go to cafes alone with a good book and spend all day reading drinking coffee and tea

• Start kayaking

• Have lots of picnics with friends

• Take time to make sure that the environment you are in is perfect. You have nothing to do, so clean your

• Turn off the internet during the day

• Get a Job

• Go Vegan for 3 months. Detox

• Go to farmers markets to buy fresh produce

• Learn to cook really well

• Start an herb garden

• Volunteer

• Go and see plays and classical music

• Go to movies without knowing what you are going to see

• Decorate new rooms in new house

• Get back into painting

• Do something creative every day

• Start writing poetry

• Get moleskin and create collages

• Learn to make your own clothes

• Go op shopping

• Write something every day. No matter how small, just keep your mind active and bask in the wonder or

• Get back into photography

• Find free art shows and attend them

• Watch the sun rise

• Learn to play chess

• Go to concerts of artists you don’t know

• Eat your meals outside, with or without someone. Just sit and enjoy your food and the weather

• Get really high and lock myself in a room with only a canvas and paint to keep me occupied! See what
happens when your mind is freed

• Go to lots of markets

• Become really up to date on world issues

• Make a quilt

• Spend lots of nights getting drunk on red wine with friends. Attempt to solve the problems of the world

• Truly invest in reading more philosophy

• Pay attention to your health. Do some relaxing exercise, eat well.

• Go to the store & buy seeds you aren't familiar with & try to grow something new.

• Write messages on post it notes and stick them in changing rooms.

• Say something nice to a stranger. Everyone needs to smile at least once a day

• Make new friends

• Go out lots and just enjoy life

• Wander the city at night with a camera

alanawoot on September 20th, 2008 03:03 pm (UTC)
I hope you had the time of your life

Enjoy now, too, remember. If you always live in the future, you forget to enjoy your life.
I love you, so much.