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On My Own, Here We Go

11 October 1990
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...i want to live in a house on top of hill
it will have no electricity and i will have to collect firewood during the day
there will be a big veggie patch that i will make big pots of soup from
and a three legged dog name phil chases away the chickens that lay my eggs
at night time i will drink tea and read tolstoy by candle light
and every thursday of the second week each month i will potter into town to buy charms from traveling gypsies
i will fall in love with a wonderer from the north that collapsed at my door step
and am heart broken when he leaves me for greater things
the last three years of my life i spend writing a great novel that is found thousands of years later by and alien called rex
it is all that is left of the once grand human race
and at 83 i will die alone
but happy...

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